Intruder Alarm System Maintenance

Electronic Security systems are like most electrical items, if you look after them they will give you years of reliable service. However even with the most professional installation, utilising the highest quality equipment, there is always a chance something will fail, usually at the most inconvenient time.This could be whilst you are at work, asleep or worst still during a burglary.

Don't leave it to chance, ensure your system is working correctly now, so that in the months and years ahead it will protect you and your family fully. Contact us for a periodic test and inspection sevice plan to British and EU Standards.

Alarm Medic can provide the reassurance that your system will not let you down by offering you affordable security system servicing and comprehensive maintenance programmes.We can service and maintain all types of security systems from small domestic alarms to large commercial integrated systems.A Certificate of Compliance is issued with every maintenance visit after any necessary corrective work is carried out.